Monday, January 17, 2011

Homework for January 18th

Be sure to read the background document on the appointment of bishops. You can find the document at the following link:

Next, do the research assignment below.
Research Assignment – Pick one of the two options below and conduct research to address the questions posed.
- All answers should be in complete sentences.
- For each answer you must cite the sources you consulted.

Option 1: the Beatification of Pope John Paul II
1. What is beatification? Why does the Church beatify and canonize individuals?
2. Beatification requires the confirmation of a miracle. What is nature of the confirmed miracle in this case? Include as many details as possible.
3. Identify three of Pope John Paul II’s major contributions to the life of the Church and write a paragraph about each.
4. What is the significance of his beatification being scheduled for May 1st?

Option 2: The Appointment of Fr. Christopher Coyne as Auxiliary Bishop of Indianapolis
1. Who was the last auxiliary bishop of the diocese and who was the bishop that requested him?
2. Provide a biographical analysis of Bishop-Designate Coyne. There is, as of January 17, no Wikipedia entry for Bishop-Designate Coyne. Compile your research such that it could serve as the basis of an entry.
3. On the basis of some additional research, identify three challenges that the Archdiocese of Indianapolis is facing. What skills or abilities does Bishop-Designate Coyne possess that will make him well suited to address those issues.
4. Describe the image(s) chosen for Bishop Coyne's Coat of Arms and its significance. Address the source of his motto and its application to his life and ministry.

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