Monday, January 10, 2011

Self-Love & the Sin of Avarice Questions pt. 1

1. How does St. Thomas Aquinas answer the question, "what is the root or souce of sin?" Put his response in your own words, and draw a diagram to illustrate it.

2. What are the symptoms (manifestations) of an overactive or deficient love of self? (Aquinas gives two).

3. What are the two components of each sinful act? How do these components relate to the O.I.C. criteria that you learned last year in morality?

4. What makes Free Will a crucial element of sin and why did God bestow it upon us?

5. What is meant by the statement: "No sin is committed for its own sake."?

6. In what way does every sin become a type of idolatry?

7. Why would the assertion be made that "all sin ultimately issues in unhappiness."? Is there evidence to support this claim, or is it merely trying to instill in people an aversion to sin?

8. Why does Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman say that we are to be "strangers & pilgrims upon the earth"? Why would he assert that people think they have found God in the goods of this world? Do you find evidence to support this?

9. What happens when a person loves himself wrongly?

10. What, according to St. Augustine, is the irony of taking pleasure in sin and one's own sense of self-importance?

11. Describe Pride, Folly, Sin, and Condemnation as steps in a process.

12. What are cupidity and pride? Explain how they are found in every sin - and give an example of each to illustrate.

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