Monday, January 10, 2011

True & False Humanism Questions

1. What is the unperceived fallacy of secular humanism and in what sense is it false?

2. Explain the difference between what society means by self-love and what the Church means by the same term.

3. What is the danger of a flawed concept of self-love from the "liberal Christian" perspective? and from the "orthodox Christian" perspective? Provide an example of each. (Note: "orthodox" in this sense does NOT refer to the eastern Christian churches, but rather to "right belief".)

4. Explain the primary reason that man should love God? Provide an assessment of that reason; is it sufficient to justify a life of faith? why or why not?

5. Characterize the relationship between sin and despair, and illustrate that relationship with an example. (For the bold: What are some practical ways you could disrupt that relationship?)

6. Where do the concepts of creating a perfect society here on earth often go wrong?

7. Why would God wish us to have to struggle to attain happiness?

8. Why is the person who expects or feels entitled to worldly happiness actually setting himself up for bitterness and disappointment?

9. The author's final remarks refer to the cause of war. Opponents of religion often cite it as the cause for wars (i.e. the Crusades). Examine each of the major wars of the 20th Century. What were their causes?

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