Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Unit 1 Review

Unit I Review – Senior Theology semester 2

I. Love of Self

A. different types of love

i. eros

ii. philia

iii. agape

B. Greatest commandment of Jesus Christ

i. Love God above all else

ii. Love one’s neighbor

iii. Love one’s self

C. Myth of Secular Humanism – that love is finite and is diminished by being shared. Truth is that when shared love only grows.

D. How Society says to love ourselves

i. Sex

ii. Wealth

iii. Drugs

iv. Fame

v. The Danger of these is that they are

1. Destructive to ourselves

2. less than God, and thus will not satisfy our desires

E. Why and How to Love ourselves

i. Why

1. b/c we are made in God’s image and worthy of love.

2. b/c if we don’t we end up putting others down to feel better

3. b/c if we don’t we will use others to feel better.

ii. How

1. Accept our flaws and shortcomings, but being willing to improve

2. developing our interests and abilities

3. Loving God and Neighbor

II. Vocation

A. Is a calling from God to a particular state in life, not just a career

B. The universal call to holiness

i. The source is Baptism, which calls us all to follow Christ

ii. We are called to live the evangelical counsels

1. poverty

2. chastity

3. obedience

iii. Lead a life of virtue

iv. Receive the sacraments, especial Eucharist and reconciliation

v. A life of fraternal service

C. Discernment – the process of prayerfully figuring out one’s vocation

III. Bishops

A. Four roles

i. Successor to the Apostles

ii. Pastor of a diocese

iii. Chief administrator

iv. Sign of Unity

B. Types of Bishops

i. Ordinary

ii. Auxiliary

iii. Coadjutor

iv. Titular

C. Selection of bishops

i. Apostolic nuncio

ii. Congregation for bishops

iii. Terna

D. Aux. Bishop Designate Coyne

i. Pastor in boston

ii. Seminary faculty

iii. Spokesman for the archdiocese of boston

iv. Television program host.

IV. All that we covered regarding sex & contraception

A. The two purposes of sex & marriage

i. Unitive – the psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual bond that forms during the sexual act

ii. Procreative – being open to the generation of new life.

B. Contraception

i. Barriers

ii. Chemical / hormonal

iii. Surgical

iv. Behavioral

C. Why Contraception is Wrong

D. Cohabitation and why it’s wrong

i. Scandal

ii. Temptation

E. Natural Family Planning

i. How it “works”

ii. How it differs from contraception

iii. The two biological cues of ovulation

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